Nicki Minaj is an excellent and dynamic rapper, lyrically and stylistically, she’s topped charts in a male dominated space, she started from the absolute bottom and knows how to hustle and work her image, I don’t care whether you care for her style of music or not but if you dismiss her as a trash artist I’m gonna heavily side eye you

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Photographers keep draping Zoe Saldana over her robust, stubbly [interchangeable] sci-fi costars.

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during a quidditch game the Ravenclaw announcer narrates “and the seeker’s taking a dive, he’s turning down, can he-” before a muggleborn darts in and yells “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” into the mic and every muggleborn in the entire arena loses their minds

"oh an excellent-" another muggleborn grabs the mic and yells "SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOT SHOT SHOTS! EVERYBODY!!" and there is no hope of recovering the crowd of dancing muggleborns after that

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hollaback anaconda thats all i ask for harry potter

"To me, at least.”

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aside from being cissexist the whole XX = female and XY = male thing is Straight-Up Wrong

AFAB people can have XO, XXX, XXXX and XY chromosomes while AMAB people have have XXYY, XYY, and XX chromosomes and since the majority of the population never has their karyotype examined,  they’ll never know that they have one of these chromosomal quirks unless that specific combination has associated symptoms, and not all of them do. you could literally have one of the aforementioned combinations without even knowing it and meanwhile you’re insisting that all AFAB people are XX and that anyone else who has this must also be female

we could also talk about how hormonal patterns for XX persons can naturally and biologically mirror that of a typical XY person, or vis versa, which gives rise to things like androgen insensitivity disorder. here u have it, folks, an whole group of intersex people who have XY chromosomes and testicles and vulva and vagina, all grown naturally, all at the same time. 

the number of people who are intersex mirror the number of people who are born with red hair, but no one goes around trying to say that red isn’t a natural hair colour just because the phenotype doesn’t manifest in the majority of the population. 

seriously consider the bold if you are aggressively upholding the ridiculously flawed theory that is the sex and gender binary.

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human issues genetics





so for some reason hershey’s thinks that golden apples would be great to sell as valentine’s candy


so i got one and wrote this on top:


and left it on a table in the studio


less than five minutes later people were fighting about it

my plan has thus far been a success

I love you

you do realize this is how the trojan war started right

this is definitely how the college au of the iliad starts

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White people really need to understand that Nicki Minaj is not for them. She’s not talking to them or living an experience that they experience even in a small percentage. She is not for them, she is no talking to them. 

All of these thinkpieces and policymic posts with white people (esp white women) acting like the Anaconda song and video  are the most sexist things to ever exist, these posts acting like Nicki is hurting black people (black women specifically) by shaking her ass and talking about sex, need to be erased from the internet.

It is not for you. She is not talking to you, white people. She is not talking about you.

Get over yourselves and quit making those ridiculous ass, concern-trolling “oh well hip hop is the most sexist genre ever and Nicki is as appropriative/exploitative as Katy/Miley/Madonna” posts and go educate yourself as to why Black women’s bodies and what they do with them are none of your damn business if you’re not a fucking black woman.

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nicki minaj music human issues damn white people sad they can't have everything

you said it, bitch. we’re the guardians of the galaxy.

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I’ve never had a more fitting use for the word ‘jolly’ in my life.

I started playing this while lying in bed with my back to my open window and I start to hear all sorts of stuff moving around outside so I turn around and there’s like ten fucking birds and a bunny sitting outside

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vid wait wat why is this so jolly wtf man